Tower of Terror Backstage Photos

tot_backside_tallThe Tower of Terror’s backside is a rare sight for most park guests, as Disney likes to keep the “magic” under wraps and only let people go “backstage” as a part of special events and tours.

Recognizing the size of the attraction, Disney seems to deliberately place Tower of Terrors at the very edge of a park’s property so that expansion beyond or behind it is unlikely if not outright impossible.  Even in spacious Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Disney hid the backside of the tower behind a wall of trees.

Enjoy these backstage photos – a rare glimpse into some “behind the scenes” magic (where “magic” means highways, back doors, and even a small BBQ chillin’ backstage) 

Hollywood Studios

Getting a clear view of the Tower’s backside in Hollywood Studio requires a bit of creativity.  The first photo in this ower of Terror backstage photos gallery was taken by Jack Spence while standing on a balcony at the Dolphin resort.

Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror backstage back side by Jspence

This back side view of the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios reveals the “unfinished” looking backside of small pointy roof structure normally seen in front of the tower.  Photo credit: Jack Spence at

Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror backstage photo

View of the Tower of Terror’s left and back side, likely from within Hollywood Studios or its parking lot. Photo credit: Phantom Troublemaker at Needless Things


Backside of the Florida Tower of Terror as seen at the intersection of Lake Buena Vista Drive and Cypress (cast member road).

The Tower (circled in the map below) stands with its back to Buena Vista Drive and, just beyond it, the Swan & Dolphin Resort.

Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror backstage map aerial

The Tower is circled – look to the north and northeast for opportunities to see it from the back.

Disney California Adventure

The rather forbidding-looking backside of the DCA Tower of Terror is open to guests only during special events such as marathon races.

DCA Tower of Terror backstage area

Don’t miss the little BBQ hiding backstage. Photo credit:

DCA Tower of Terror backstage area

The DCA Tower of Terror backs up Disney Way and S. Harbor Blvd.  Its backside can also be viewed from the I-5 highway to the east.  Photo credit: Google Maps

Tokyo DisneySea

The Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror backs up to the Disney Resort Line and a multi-lane park entrance road.


A ground-level view of the Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror’s backside.


Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror backstage area is much smaller than the other Towers’ and pressed right up against a few park roads. Photo credit: Google Maps

Disneyland, Paris


The Tower of Terror’s backside in Paris. Photo credit:


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