This collection of Disney-dedicated websites from around the web lists just a few of my favorites:

Matt from runs this nearly ten-years-old tribute site to the Tower of Terror. This is the quintessential site on all things Tower – from the story of how the Tower was conceived and built to how the special effects work (among other secrets). Caution – obsessives have been known to get lost here for hours. 😉


A fiendishly fun tribute “dead-icated” to Disney’s Haunted Mansion, the other delightfully haunted Disney attraction! “accompanied” me on a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom, where I explored the backstory and secrets of The Haunted Mansion via my mobile phone while waiting in line. SO many secrets packed into one ride, and this site explains ’em all!


If you can’t afford a trip to Japan right now, Dejiki’s Disney blog is virtually the next best thing! This site offers beautiful photos and well-written English descriptions of Disney’s Tokyo attractions. Don’t miss Dejiki’s tour of the Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror – mechanically, it’s the same as the other Towers, but the story and architecture are completely new!

HiddenMickeys isn’t just Hidden Mickeys – it also offers the most complete list of Tower theories and confirmed reports on the web. If you love the mysteries of Disney, check it out!

Physics At Disney

A physicist brings an accelerometer onto the Tower of Terror and graphs the ascents and descents! Even non-physicists can enjoy this fascinating “inside” look at the Tower’s main feature.

Disney’s Tower of Terror Movie

A decades-old mystery centering on an abandoned hotel serves as the centerpiece for this 1997 Disney family film. Many scenes were filmed at the Orlando Tower of Terror! If you’re a Tower enthusiast, this movie’s for you! (Amazon affiliate link) 

StudiosCentral is a fan site dedicated to Disney’s Hollywood Studios park in Orlando, with weekly updates on the park’s happenings.

AllEars is a massive fan-run Disney site, covering both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They keep it up-to-date on things like changes and new attraction construction, so it’s almost like visiting the parks even when your next trip is months (or years 🙁 ) away.


This self-proclaimed community for nuerotic Disney People gets detailed – and personal. My favorite part of the site is the confessional, where anonymous posters tell funny (and poignant) stories.


Some folks like to take the fast track through Disney! This fan-run blog covers official runDisney events that are held year-round in and around the Walt Disney World Resort area. These joggers see a side of Disney the rest of us usually miss, so even if you’re not into running, RunningAtDisney is another great way to explore Disney from your home!


This might be the biggest archive of vintage Disney photos on the web. DisneyFans hosts thousands of old (and new) photos of the parks. My favorite thing to do here is explore how the parks looked circa 1993 and 1994 – these are the years of my first two childhood visits. It’s incredible how much things have changed!

Buzzfeed’s 30 Things…

Buzzfeed’s 33 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Parks was full of surprises – even for a grizzled old Disney veteran like me! It’s a light, fun read. Enjoy!


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