4 Towers Comparison Chart: Towers Around the World

How do the Towers of Terror around the world stack up when compared to each other? This chart will tell you!

ParkDisney's Hollywood Studios (Orlando, Florida, USA)Disney California Adventure (Anaheim, California, USA)Walt Disney Studios (Paris, France)Tokyo DisneySea (Tokyo, Japan)
Opening DateJuly 22nd, 1994May 5th, 2004Sept. 22, 2006Dec. 22, 2007
Construction Budget$140 million$70-90 million$160 million$230 million
Building height199 feet183 feet183 feet157 feet
Highest rider elevation170 feet157 feet157 feet157 feet
Seats per elevator car21212121
Boiler room floors (loading decks)1222
Transitional hallway (5th Dimension)YesNoNoNo
StorylineTwilight Zone "Lost Episode"Twilight Zone "Lost Episode"Twilight Zone "Lost Episode"Harrison Hightower's cursed idol
Architectural StyleNeo-Mediterranean Pueblo DecoPueblo DecoMoorish revival
Affectionate Nickname 🙂Pink and pointyBig yellow boxFrench yellow boxGingerbread house


  1. Hi, I really like this website but I noticed you swapped the opening dates from the Paris Tower and the Hotel Hightower. Just so you know 🙂

  2. towerofterrorgeek123 says

    ha ha, memez:)

  3. in the florida version there are just 4 elevators car while in the other tower there are 6 elevator