Vintage Tower of Terror Promotional Videos

These 90s-era Tower of Terror promotional videos are pretty cheesy.  Sit back and enjoy!

I think my favorite “curiosity” about these videos is the way they often portray the guests as standing during the drop sequence.  Disney does a good job of hiding the fact that you’ll be sitting – in fact, I still remember being surprised by having to sit down and buckle up when I first rode as a 10 year old.

Regis Philbin’s 1993 Tower of Terror Preview

Christmas 1993 – the Tower wouldn’t open for another 7 months, but Disney’s marketing machine was already drumming up interest in the new attraction.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Tower Tour

90’s comedian Gilbert Gottfried takes us on a tour of the Tower.  It helps to imagine him as Jafar’s parrot as you watch this video.


  1. The furniture in the lobby was bought in a auction when Disney was starting to build the tower.

  2. Also, a friend of mine’s parents worked (and met in fact) at Disney so they always get discounts and tours from present workers and friends and she said the non-ride part of the tower are actually offices and such.