Tower of Terror Mysteries

This is a compendium of things even I don’t (or didn’t) know about the Tower of Terror plus input from readers who know the secrets!

DCA Tower of Terror mystery doors – SOLVED!

These doors near the top of the Tower caught my eye, but I never knew what they were for until Tower Secrets reader Bruno told me they’re for accessing the engine and computer rooms. The doors are very well hidden, but there’s 8 of them on each side (two pairs for each of the floors with the big “park reveal” doors you look out of while on the elevator itself).


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DCA Tower of Terror mystery doors on sides

More mystery doors on the left side of the tower. Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

How do they keep the birds off?

I’ve never seen a bird’s nest or even bird poop on the tower – heck, I can’t even think of a time when I saw a bird land on the Tower.  I’ve seen birds sit around on plenty of other Disney attractions, though.  Why no birds on the Tower?

Tower of Terror furniture

Where did the Tower of Terror furniture come from?  I bet it’s not as old as they say.  Anyone know the source?


What’s in the wings? – SOLVED!

I always wondered if there was anything inside the extruded rooms that flank the top of the Tower. Turns out, they’re empty. A Tower Secrets reader wrote to tell me that they’re just for decoration, and the computer room is maybe the size of a living room – definitely not large enough to fill the top floor of the tower alone. However, the control and monitor rooms are quite larger and fill more of the space.


Do you know the answer to any of these Tower of Terror mysteries? Want to contribute your own? Tell us in the comments!


  1. The doors on the side of tower are for employees that check the elevator shaft either in the morning or evening in opening and closing safety procedures. Also the extruded wings of the tower are where the motors are and they need sufficient enough space. The computer rooms are on another floor 🙂