Tower of Terror Mistakes & Bloopers

No one’s perfect, not even our dear Tower of Terror. 🙂

Video Tower vs. Real Tower

The Tower you see in the pre-show video is not the Tower you see in the park. 🙂   Here’s a few fun differences to look for each time you watch the pre-show:

Sign Location

Look closely at the “Hollywood Tower Hotel” sign during the library pre-show. The sign is positioned above – way above – the soon-to-be-destroyed elevator shafts.  On the physical building, the sign letters are much lower and overlap the destroyed elevator shafts.

tower of terror mistakes and bloopers

tower of terror mistakes and bloopers

tower of terror mistakes and bloopers

The sign placemnt was corrected in the California and Paris versions of the ride.  The Tokyo DisneySea version does not include a hotel name sign.

Building Details

Look closely at the side of the Tower’s tallest structure.  Down the side are three columns of windows in the video, but there are just two columns on the real tower.

The video shows a large pointy-roofed building in front of the tower, but that building is absent in the real version.


Photo credits: YouTube video by macattack5545


  1. Colin knapp says

    Also if you look at the side of the tower you can see 3 vertical rows of windows lit up. The actual building only has 2 rows

  2. Look at the one in the video, it had the part that got zapped and there are ghosts of the people who got zapped so maybe they used their ghost magic to move the letters.Also no ones perfect so don’t hold a grudge!

  3. Why can’t they just move the sign up or update the visuals in the preshow?

  4. Also in the lobby the elevators are on the side but on the ride the elevators are on the front.. The elevators would also face the inside of the building but they face the outside on the ride

  5. towerofterrorgeek123 says

    also, the tower is thicker in the preshow