Tower of Terror at Night Photos

The flickering sign letters, the ominous blue glow, and the occasional shrieks… the Tower of Terror at night is extra spooky! One of my favorite park traditions is to watch the Tower during sunset – it’s a beautiful sight and a great way to give¬†my aching feet a little break. ūüėÄ

Hollywood Studios, Florida (HS)

I took this photo of the Florida Tower myself on a cloudy day in December. The clouds suit the Tower well!


Photo credit: M. Grant (TowerSecrets)

I love the toasty brown sky in this photo. This photo is from DisneyRunning, and I have to wonder what conditions allowed for the amber sky and the orange lightshow on the front of the Tower! This is a difficult angle to get in the park, so kudos to them for this great photo of the Tower at twilight!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

This photo is spectacularly spooky – what a great angle and a great effect with the orange and the grain! If I didn’t know there was a theme park around this structure, I’d be seriously creeped out!

Photo credit: Spectropluto

Photo credit: Spectropluto

The Tower of Terror falls asleep! Have you ever seen the Tower with its sign unlit? Credit goes to Jake for capturing this unusual sight of the Tower!


The Tower falls asleep by Jake.


Disney California Adventure, California (DCA)


Tower of Terror in October, 2014. Photo credit: M. Grant (TowerSecrets)

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Nighttime Tower of Terror photo DCA

Photo credit: Rae Lane

Tokyo Disneysea, Tokyo (TDS)

The Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror doesn’t have a flickering old electric sign; in its place, a mysterious green flare of lightning in the top window. It is, however, still bathed in purple, just like its siblings elsewhere.

Photo credit: The Disney Wiki

Photo credit: The Disney Wiki

For more Tower photos shot by me, visit my Tower of Terror album on Flickr.

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Tower of Terror Memo Holder (Florida version)

This Tower of Terror memo holder is one of my favorite pieces of official Tower merchandise.

Don’t let the pic fool you – this Tower replica is actually quite tiny – the hotel itself is only about 3″ tall x 3″ wide. ¬†The entire memo holder is about 6.5″ tall. ¬†¬†I’m not sure what years it was available, but there’s just something late 90’s about it, don’t you think?

It’s difficult to find official Tower of Terror merchandise in the likeness of the hotel structure itself. ¬†Not that I don’t love Disney’s characters dressed up in bellhop costumes – ¬†those are all 100% ¬†adorable. ¬†But I’m a huuuge fan of the look and feel and the architecture of the Tower of Terror itself, so I must admit a soft spot in my heart (and my collection) for Tower merchandise made in the image of the Tower itself. ¬†I found mine on ebay for $24+ shipping.

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir front

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir side and back

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir back

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir front and side

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir front detail

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir front detail bottom

tower of terror memo holder replica souvenir bottom Disney stamp

PS: Disney, if you’re reading this – please send more tower replicas! ūüôā