Tower of Terror Games

Can’t get enough Tower?  Try some of these official and fan-made Tower of Terror games!

Clue – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Theme Park Edition

“Clue” gets a Twilight Zone makeover in this special edition of this classic board game. When the power goes out in Hollywood Tower Hotel, you’re the only one who can discover who’s missing, where and with what!

This game was still sold in the parks as of 2013, but if you’d rather not try to squeeze it into your luggage the best place to buy it is the online Disney Store.

Disney Clue Tower of Terror game

Tower of Terror DCA Promotional PC Game

This adventure-style PC title promoted the new Tower of Terror attraction at Disney’s California Adventure.  As the player advances through the game, the player accrues rewards that could be redeemed at the park.

According to the YouTube summary, the project was led by Roger Holzberg (creative director), Terry Dobson (creative producer), Ed Haro (art director) and Allison Mills (web graphic designer), Humberto Kam (project manager).

Tower of Terror Simulation

This cute Flash-based browser game created by and hosted by lets you operate the Tower of Terror from the comfort of your own chair.  I like this game because it’s no-fail, you can just sit back and have fun with it without fear of losing or falling behind.

The interface is a little tricky at first, so here’s a walkthrough to get you started:

  1. Click Open/Close frontgate button in the upper right.  This will bring guests into the waiting queue.
  2. Click the “Maintenance” tab and turn on the second TV room – you’re gonna want this sooner than later. Go back to “Main Control” once you’ve got both TV rooms operational.
  3. Under “TV Room 1”, click “Empty Queue” to bring guests into the TV room.
  4. Once they’re inside, press “Start TV”.
  5. When the show’s over, use “Empty Room” to advance guests to the boiler room.
  6. After you’ve got guests waiting for the elevator, go to the “Elevator 1” section of the control panel and click “Doors” to open the doors and “Board Elevator” to pop all the guests into the ride car.
  7. (By now you probably have lots more guests piling up at the TV rooms – use “Empty Queue” for TV Room 1 and TV Room 2 to keep the line moving.)
  8. “Start Elevator” to get to the part you’ve been waiting for – the big drops!