Tower of Terror Construction

Tower of Terror construction Paris crane construction zone
Photo credit: Parksmania video

It takes about two years to build a new Tower of Terror. The steel framework goes up quickly under about 200 feet of scaffolding, but the facade, details, and inner workings requires years of planning and coordination between multiple teams of experts to bring the Tower to completion.

Thanks digital cameras and a widespread fascination with all things Disney, the construction of the newest Tower of Terror in Paris was particularly well documented.  WDSFans has over 5 pages of posts chronicling the Paris Tower’s construction.  Disney itself even created a few behind the scenes videos exploring the various stages of construction.

Something I find interesting is how much more efficient the newer towers are than the original.

Hollywood Studios – the original

  • 1,500 tons of steel
  • 145,800 cubic feet of concrete
  • 27,000 roof tiles
  • 2 miles of HV DC power cable



  • 900 tons of steel
  • 43,200 cubic yards of concrete
  • 50,000 square feet of exterior plaster
  • 2 miles of HV DC power cable

As you can see, it takes a lot less material to make that compacted DCA/Paris Tower design. Read more about the two different Tower designs here.

Tower of Terror Construction Photos

This first one is the original Tower in WDW, Florida.

Photo credit: Vintage Disney parks

Here is the Paris Tower under construction. After the 2017 reskin of the California Tower, the Paris Tower is now unique in its design and theming.