Minecraft Tower of Terror Models & Videos

I’ve been kind of avoiding Minecraft, being both easily addicted to addicting things and short on free time. But then I found several Minecraft Tower of Terror recreations and my jaw dropped through my keyboard. These Minecraft Tower of Terror recreations are amazing! I picked a few of the best and linked ’em here for your enjoyment.

First up is TwistaaGaming’s awesome Minecraft Tower of Terror. Don’t miss the cube ghosts around 1:40. He even built the gift shop.

TwistaaGaming also built a beautiful replica of the Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror, complete with the unique preshow elements.

Another Minecraft artisan, GenLawrence, re-created the TOT preshow video using Minecraft elements, with eerie attention to detail.

IPyrrHaX16’s video might be 20 minutes long (and in French), but it’s incredible.   He built the outside (looks amazing, by the way), the Library video room, even the numbers you stand on while waiting to board the elevator.  The ride experience itself falls a little flat without the ghosts, but drop, even though it’s in Minecraft, manages to be almost as thrilling as the real ride thanks in part to the sound effects.


Okay, wow.

This TOT Minecraft video by Team WDW is more of a set than a functional Minecraft ride (if the comments are to be believed), but the attention to detail is a treat to watch.

And finally, this video by McMagic depicts the entire ride experience (including the pre-show) in great detail using only Minecraft pieces.